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The Gambling People In a normal casino environment, individuals who are seen playing poker, blackjack, live roulette, etc. usually come from different walks of life.
Generally, they would put a reasonable bet on something that they believe would suffice to provide them back their stakes plus a substantial amount of cash if ever they win.
There are individuals who position bets or stakes with huge amount of cash. These people are referred to as the high-rollers of the casino. These high rollers are those that typically deposit $1,000 or more.
The reason high rollers exist in the casinos is based on the fact that there are special bonus offers that are just designated to people who transfer big quantities of money. And most often than not, these high rollers are the ones that usually win and take the money from other bets.

No wonder why certain thinking had developed. This is called the high-rollers state of mind.
The high rollers mindset is a point of view of the majority of casino gamers or gamblers that conceptualizes the concept that the greater the bet, the greater the chances of winning and getting bigger amount of money.
High-rollers frame of mind is normally utilized by high-rollers or those who gamble a lot of money. They think that by placing huge quantities of cash as their bets, they would be able to get the unique benefits being offered by the casino. Plus, they can even have more advantages that are just entitled to the high rollers if ever they get to win the game. Having a high-roller frame of mind is not wrong, especially if an individual has a great deal of cash to bet. The only disadvantage is that it has the tendency to let a person gamble a great deal of cash simply for the thought that she or he might win.
The bottom line: high rollers who gamble more have greater chances of losing more. After all, it's still gambling where people are never ever sure if they will win or not.